The year 2023 has officially started, and who says new year means new resolutions! Each year, we try to determine good habits that we want to adopt as well as goals that we want to achieve.

This time around, why not make some resolutions that will be good for you as well as your dog? We offer you four that you can certainly keep throughout the year.

Go for a walk everyday

Taking walks every day has many benefits, both for your health and that of your dog. Indeed, this activity helps maintain a healthy weight, prevent diabetes, improve heart condition, keep muscles and joints in good condition, extend life expectancy, reduce stress and provide cognitive stimulation to your dog. For you and your dog, consider taking several active breaks during your work days to get some fresh air and stretch your paws.

Drink more water


Staying hydrated is crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle. A human should typically consume 11 to 15 cups of fluid per day, while a dog should drink 30 ml of water per 1 lb of body weight. Remember to change your dog's water regularly to keep it fresh and fill your bottle with water at the same time! If your dog isn't excited about standing water, a water fountain might be a good solution! This will help you ensure that you and your partner are drinking a good amount every day. It's also important to watch out for signs of dehydration, such as low energy, a dry mouth, and sunken eyes.

Take better care of your oral health


Oral health
Your dog's dental hygiene is essential to his well-being, and yours too! Brushing your teeth may seem like a very trivial act, but it is important to take good care of your teeth, so as not to develop certain diseases or problems. A few times a week, when brushing your teeth, remember to clean your dog's teeth. It is important to brush for about a minute with either a toothbrush or your finger and use a toothpaste that your dog will taste like. Regular brushing will remove food debris and bad bacteria. Also, don't forget to give him his Green Paw daily since the Moringa inside is a natural antibacterial agent and contains 17 times more calcium than milk.

Take your superfoods


Did you know that Moringa also has benefits for humans? Indeed, according to some scientific studies, Moringa can be effective in, among other things, increasing respiratory capacity, preventing diabetes, increasing immune defenses, protecting and hydrating the skin, and many others. On your dog's side, Moringa improves their oral health, helps healthy joints, supports a strong immune system, contributes to a healthy coat and prevents cancer, regulates blood sugar and helps fight depression. So, when giving Green Paws to your companion, consider incorporating Moringa powder into your diet as well!

These four resolutions seem simple, but if implemented well and kept throughout the year, you will definitely see an improvement in the overall health of you and your dog.

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