Outdoor enthusiasts, winter is the ideal season to take full advantage of outdoor activities with your dog. Despite the falling temperatures, it is important to keep moving and fill your lungs with good fresh air. That's why we've come up with four winter activities to do with your little one, which are just as fun as they are perfect for getting him to burn off his energy.

Snowshoeing and hiking

A very obvious and simple activity to practice in winter is hiking. We are lucky in Quebec to have a multitude of magnificent places to practice this sport, so why not take advantage of them? To be different, you can also do some snowshoeing, a fun alternative to do with your dog, if you like to go off the beaten track. 

No equipment is necessary for your pitou, but don't forget to dress it and protect its paws according to the outside temperature. If you want to discover new places to practice these sports, the website On va se promenade? offers you the best trails throughout Quebec. Also, if you lack inspiration, they offer you 1000 activities to do with your dog. Nothing less!


The principle of canicross is to run together with your dog. To do this, you will need two harnesses, one for you and one for your dog, as well as a rope with enough elastic to connect the two. This way, you will both be able to practice a stimulating and fun physical activity. 

You can also transform canicross into cani-rando if you want to do a calmer and less demanding sport, while enjoying the tranquility of the forests. For more information on this sport, you can consult the website of the Quebec canicross network, at canicrossquebec.org.

The harnessed ski

Harnessed skiing is an activity derived from canicross. Indeed, it is quite similar, but this one takes place with cross-country skis, which makes the hike faster. On the other hand, this activity will require trails that are better suited than for simple running or walking. You can find several in the Province, such as the Secrets Nordiques trail at Mont-Saint-Anne in Quebec City. 

It is possible to hitch up to three dogs and these will do more physical work than during canicross, as they are more in charge of pulling you. Of course, you have your part of the job to do in order to move the team forward. Dogs of all sizes can play this sport, but of course you will have to adapt the exercise and the distance covered to the skills of your dog and let him guide you in his speed.

Play outside


Finally, winter is also made for playing and having fun! So why not take some time with your dog to let go of your crazy outside and do something a little more playful? Like Scarlette and her mom, create a cute snowman. Plus, you can use Green Paws as buttons to decorate it!

These activities will certainly get you and your dog moving throughout the winter season and make you appreciate the low temperatures!

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