Whether we like it or not, snow and cold weather are fast approaching and who says winter says adaptation. This season changes our lifestyle for several months, and it is important to think about preparing our dogs well for this transition so that they can take full advantage of the many winter activities. That's why today we present five tips that will help you take care of your favorite companions.

Places and objects to avoid

During the winter season, it is recommended to carefully plan outings with your dog and not to stay there too long in order to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. It is still important to stimulate and move it, and therefore, when you decide to take it out, there are a few places and objects around which you must be more vigilant. For example, when walking near frozen lakes or pools, it's important to keep your dog on a leash so they don't venture onto the surface and end up hurting themselves or even falling through the ice. Also avoid anything made of metal, such as fences or posts, since dogs are often used to licking these surfaces and their tongue will certainly stick to them because of the cold (phew bad childhood memories! ).

Protect his paws

A good, simple and effective way to ensure the health of your dog's paws is to first clean them well when you return from an outdoor walk to remove all traces of salt or other toxic products. It is also recommended to keep the hair around the claws and pads quite short, which will facilitate maintenance. Another alternative is to apply a special balm to your dog's paws. These act a bit like invisible boots to protect the pads against more difficult terrain, be it snow, ice or sand. Rest assured: the balms are safe for dogs so they can lick their paws without problems! We also offer two companies that sell these balms, Pampered Paws and Säker.

Dress your dog if needed

Despite his beautiful fur, your dog can also feel the cold, especially with the low temperatures that we reach in Quebec. In order to help him feel warm, several companies specialize in dog clothes and you can therefore find the coat that will best suit his size as well as his comfort level. It is important to let your pet retain freedom of movement even when dressed. Two of our favorite companies for the most beautiful clothes for our little ones: Chien Mondain and Le Chien Blanc. You will certainly find something to please you and your dog!

Caring for coat, skin and joints

Your dog's fur acts as a natural insulator against the cold. That said, in order to ensure its full capacity, it is important to take care of it regularly. Brushing it often and removing dead hair helps keep the coat shiny and healthy. In addition, make sure that his coat is always dry before taking him outside, since wet fur loses its insulating power. Also, our Green Paws bites will help your dog keep his coat beautiful through all seasons. Indeed, the fatty acids of Moringa, which is the basic ingredient of our bites, nourish and protect your dog's skin while providing him with a shiny coat, in addition to helping him to have healthy joints.

These five fairly simple tips will greatly improve your dog's experience during the winter season and will certainly allow you to share more moments outdoors with your companion!

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