Leattytia and her unconditional love of dogs!

Green Paws was founded from great passion and boundless dedication for animals of Leattytia Badibanga, the founder, who wanted to raise the standards of the pet food industry and create a product that lived up to her expectations.

Green Paws mission is to allow any dog ​​owners to share a long and happy healthy life with their faithful companion. Innovation, love for animals and a strong environmental conscience are at the heart of the company's activities.

Ethics, rigor, love and transparency are the core values at Green Paws. The company works to empower consumers to make the best food choices for their pets.


Sophie Lavallée, Agronome, M.Sc.

Expert in complete and balanced animal feed formulations, Ms. Lavallée is a specialist in nutrition for the welfare of companion animals.

Holder of a Masters in Animal Sciences / Nutrition Monogastrics, and a B.Sc Animal Sciences, she is a key resource in the development of nutritious and innovative products of Green Paws.

Alexe & Stitch

Alexe is passionate about dogs and has been since a young age. Recently, she had the good fortune to cross paths with two exceptional dogs whom she will call Stitch and Boo and who will become her most faithful and lifelong companions.

The trio is an asset within Green Paws team and Alexe managing social media and events.

Together, they fully embody the mission and philosophy of Green Paws by taking to heart their role of innovating within the dog business with passion and goodwill.

Yellow Paws before Green Paws

The founder also created a non-profit organization in 2017 to promote the adoption of abandoned animals in Quebec's shelters.

The adoption platform Les Pattes Jaunes counts almost 20 000 adopted pets and a growing community of ethical shelters across the province or Quebec.

Green Paws is the main sponsor of Les Pattes Jaunes and a fervent partner of the animal cause.

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