Moringa, king of superfoods

Moringa | Green Paws

Moringa is a superfood from a tropical plant with many health benefits for dogs. Proclaimed "the king of superfoods", Moringa has recently dethroned kale, spirulina and hemp.

What is Moringa ?

Commonly referred to as the Miracle Tree, Moringa is native to India. Today it grows in a variety of countries with tropical climates, espacially on the African continent and South America

Green Paws' recipe includes organic Moringa leaves that are dried and crushed into powder. This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that contains up to 40% protein as well as the 9 amino acids essential for your dog's health.

All parts of the plant are very rich in bioactive and anti-inflammatory properties. Green Paws contains the leaves and seeds that are an excellent source of protein and amino acids. Moringa contains:

9x more protein than yogurt
17x more calcium than milk
26x more iron than spinach
12x more vitamin C than oranges

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    Benefits of organic moringa for dogs

    Improves oral health

    In addition to being a natural antibacterial agent, Moringa contains seventeen times more calcium than milk.

    Helps keep joints healthy

    Rich in Omega-3, our treats help reduce joint inflammation and strengthen their structure.

    Helps maintain a strong immune system

    Moringa is high in protein and amino acids, and strengthens your dog’s immunity to help it defend itself against infections.

    For a healthy coat and skin

    Moringa contains fatty acids that nourish and protect your dog's skin while providing a shiny, healthy coat.