Hiking enthusiasts, the summer season has begun and your dog is just waiting to be by your side to climb the most beautiful mountains in Quebec!

With the past year, moving and breathing the great outdoors has never been more important! Moving is good, but moving with your dog is even better. Give him the best gift by making him discover the most beautiful mountains in Quebec.

Don't forget your leash, water, 💩 bags and Green Paws bites to keep your dog motivated!

Sutton Natural Environment Park, Sutton

Located less than 1h30 from Montreal, it will cost you only $ 7 to enjoy the landscapes of the Sutton Mountains! An inevitable trail for panorama and climbing enthusiasts, the Spruce Lake and Round Top trail offers 7.4 km of pure happiness with your four-legged friend. For the less adventurous, you can enjoy an equally majestic trail for a fraction of the time.


Harold F. Baldwin Park, Coaticook

Trail of rather intermediate difficulty, Mont Pinacle offers a breathtaking view of Lake Lyster. Lasting 2 hours, or 6 km, the trail is completely free and your dog is welcome ... what could be better? You can take the opportunity to have a picnic on the summit or at the foot of the mountain in the heart of Harold F. Baldwin Park.


Mont des Morios, Charlevoix

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hikes in Quebec, Mont des Morios unveils a 360-degree view of the many mountains and the river! A 25 km loop, this trail is aimed at the most athletic hikers (and doggies)! I promise, you won't be disappointed!


The trails of Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes, Charlevoix

Curious about hiking in the taiga? The La Chouenne and Le Gro-Pin trails in Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes are unique because of their flora and fauna, which will amaze your dog! For only $ 8.50, experience one of the most beautiful hikes accompanied by your best four-legged friend. Why not go for a walk there to admire the most beautiful landscapes?


Bras-du-Nord Valley, Quebec

Representing one of the largest networks of hiking trails in Quebec, the Bras-du-Nord Valley offers more than 80 kilometers of trails of different levels ranging from easy to difficult. All accessible with your dog, a day will not be enough to discover all the extraordinary points of view that the territory hides.


On your leashes! Ready! Let's hike! ⛰️🐕

In bonus, bring a Moringa superfood bite to reward your loyal companion at the top of the mountain. He deserves it !!

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