We've been waiting for it for a long time, the summer season has started and we can finally start enjoying the warmer days and the rays of the sun! Your dogs spend even more time outdoors and since we are never safe from heat waves, it is important to take good care of them so that they do not suffer from the sometimes suffocating heat. We present five tips that will help you prepare your little companions for the summer!

Always keep him hydrated

Like humans, our dogs will tend to drink more during the summer since the heat causes them to lose salts and minerals that must be recovered. Plenty of water is therefore essential! Fill your pitou's bowl regularly and also pay attention to his level of tolerance to hot weather since this can differ according to breed, age or state of health.

Take care of his coat

Did you know that a dog's coat protects them from both cold and heat? It is therefore a mistake to think that mowing the hair will help your dog to be less hot, since on the contrary, the hair comes to form kinds of air chambers which will help to cool the body temperature of your animal. It is therefore beneficial to brush it well regularly in order to remove foreign bodies such as twigs or leaves, to remove dead hair and to eliminate matted hair. This will help your pup stay cool all season long!

Stay on the lookout for pests

During the summer season, woods, shrubs and plants can be full of ticks, parasites that attach themselves to your dog. Remember to inspect your pet regularly with your hands and fingertips to detect the presence of parasites. If you find any, it is important to remove the tick with a special tool so that the head does not get stuck under the skin. You can also consult your veterinarian to find out the types of preventive treatments that exist to prevent the presence of parasites as much as possible!

Protect his paws

It is obviously best to take your daily walks at the cooler times of the day, either in the morning or in the evening when the pavement is cooler, which avoids burning your dog's paws. You can also use paw wax which is designed to protect your pet's paw pads from hot and potentially harmful surfaces. Otherwise, another alternative is rubber-soled dog shoes. These are one of the best ways to protect paws from heat and injury if your dog gets used to wearing them. Finally, check the pads daily to make sure there is no damage, and take care to wash them often enough.

Adjust his diet during heat waves

It can happen that hot weather affects your dog's appetite and it is therefore preferable to adapt his diet during these periods. For example, you can give smaller meals that are spread throughout the day, especially during cool periods. This promotes your pet's appetite by helping it to feel less of the heat released by the digestion of food. In addition, reduce the amount of food during hot periods since your dog is likely to move less due to the heat and will therefore be less hungry. You can also add water to his food bowl to promote good hydration throughout the day.

These five tips will help your dog appreciate the summer season even more and keep you reassured about his health even in the hottest weather!

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