Pack Super Discovery • Omega-3 & Glucosamine

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Each box contains 30 bites to provide your dog with a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins every day for a month.

The Pack Super Discovery contains:

• 1 Discovery box fortified with glucosamine grilled coconut flavor

• 1 Discovery box enriched with omega-3 smoked banana flavor

• 1 Cookie jar in white or black ceramic or in glass

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ! If your dog does not like the product, we will reimburse you for your entire purchase without charge or delay.

Whether your companion is younger or older, our bites are beneficial for


• Improves oral health

• Favorise un système immunitaire fort

• Promotes a strong immune system

Prevents and relieves hip & joint diseases

Strengthens bones and their mobility

Improves cartilage integrity

Reduce inflammation and pain

Moringa is a superfood high in protein and amino acids.

Green Paws multi-purpose treats are made with organic Moringa. These vegetarian, eco-friendly food supplements will perfectly complement your furry friend’s diet. Moringa is a superfood high in protein and amino acids, and these bits are an excellent source of vitamins, omega-3, glucosamine and protein.

And their smoky coconut and banada flavor (yes, it smells like bacon) will delight your dog.

100% natural, oven-baked formula with hypoallergenic protein and no artificial colors.

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, Green Paws is not just an ecological, eco-responsible and hypoallergenic superfood, it is above all a product designed to keep our four-legged friends in good health.

Fortifieded with glucosamine and oméga-3, Pattes Vertes prevents and relieves joint diseases and more;

Strengthens bones and their mobility

Contributes to cartilage integrity

Helps reduce inflammation and pain

Improves oral health

In addition to being a natural antibacterial agent, Moringa contains seventeen times more calcium than milk.

Promotes a strong immune system

Moringa is high in protein and amino acids, and strengthens your dog’s immunity to help it defend itself against infections.

Contributes to a healthy coat and skin

Moringa contains fatty acids that nourish and protect your dog's skin while providing a shiny, healthy coat.

Coconut cookie;Moringa seeds*, buckwheat flour*, coconut milk*, vegetable glycerin, glucosamine and pea protein. | Banana cookie : Buckwheat flour*, bananas*, Moringa seeds*, camelina oil*, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract and vitamin E blend. | Topping : tapioca starch, egg white, Moringa leaves*, skimmed milk powder, vegetable glycerin and natural liquid smoke.
*Organic ingredients

Our food’s main ingredient, Moringa, is renowned for being the king of superfoods when it comes to canine health. Moringa is commonly referred to as the miracle tree. It is a powerful antioxidant that contains up to 40% protein and all 9 amino acids essential for your dog's health.

Moringa contains:

9x more protein than yogurt
17x more calcium than milk
25x more iron than spinach
12x more vitamin C than oranges

Garanteed analysis

Discovery box • Glucosamine

Crude protein (min.) 16%
Fat (min.) 12%
Crude fibre (max.) 2%
Moisture (max.) 13%
Vitamine D (min) 120 UI/kg
Glucosamine / bite (min) 300 mg
Kilocalories / bite 26

Discovery box • Omega-3

Crude protein (min.) 16%
Fate (min.) 16%
Crude fibres (max.) 2%
Moisture (max.) 16%
Omega-3 fatty acids 6%
Omega-6 fatty acids 2%
Kilocalories / bite 27

For all dog sizes, one bite per day over a minimum period of 3 to 6 months is recommended for optimal and lasting results.

A preventative dosage of glucosamine is 20 mg/lb of body weight. For large dogs, you can give 2 to 3 Green Paws per day. Make sure you have enough boxes for a minimum period of 3 months.

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''Green Paws Moringa bites have recently become a staple in Scarlette's diet, she loves the smoky taste! As they say, a Green Paws a day keeps the vet away forever.''

- Josiane, Levis

''I have particularly picky dogs when it comes to choosing treats and food. Since we have the Moringa cookies, their coat is so soft and they want them so badly that as soon as I take out the bag, they go crazy! They now have a green paw in each of their meals. I really recommend this supplement even for the picky ones!''

- Jessica, Quebec City

''It’s a real success! We noticed that the tartar on his canines has decreased and his bad breath has also disappeared. I am so glad that I found a supplement that is so easy to give. In our case, trying it was adopting it!''

- Erika, Montreal