6 gift ideas to put under the tree for your dog

Who's a good dog? Who? Who? Your dog has been nice all year—and since the Holidays are approaching, your furry friend deserves lots of little treats. For many pets, the pandemic of 2020 has had its benefits as many of them have been pampered. Finally, people seem to understand that all pets want is to spend every minute with them. For example, the many walks you’ve taken together with your dog have been heavenly. To top it off, it gets a little daily green paw. Your dog is on cloud nine! It must think you’re a god, unless it's a Chihuahua. Chihuahuas have a superiority complex.

This year, the Holidays will be quite different. This is good news for your dog, which can find big gatherings very stressful (much like us!). There is less risk of choking on gift wrapping and decorations or worse: an urgent trip to the vet because it found your Uncle Ed’s favourite box of chocolates. This year, there’s more time for long nature walks, playing fetch, and friendly games of chase in the park.

You might be asking yourself: “What can I give a dog that already has everything?” You can give it your time, lots of hugs, a safe environment, a thorough brushing at the groomer, a good teeth scaling or a pedicure session. You can teach it some new tricks, check that its collar is not too tight, or even buy it a winter coat and some boots.

Do you want a few more ideas? Well your timing is impeccable, as we’ve tested these products and we love them. Here are five gift ideas you can put under the tree for your dog.

A toy Copains & Cie

    They are elegant, durable and fun! Not only do dogs love them, but so do we! Copains & Cie toys are so beautiful; they blend right into the decor. All their products are handmade, eco-friendly, and very affordable.

    A bandana from Apollo & Co

      Help your dog express its personality by choosing a bandana to tap into its inner fashionista/fashionisto. Florence's creations are simply amazing.

      A Super Green Pack of Green Paws

        Your dog’s good health is directly related to what you put in its bowl. These moringa supplements are a good source of protein, omega 3s and vitamins. They’re delicious (enthusiasm doesn't lie), vegetarian and 100% natural.

        A toothbrush OLA Bamboo

          This is an ecological and practical choice that will help prevent tartar build-up that inevitably leads to expensive and painful treatments. Use this to brush your pets' teeth two to three times a week.

          A harness from Le Chien Blanc

            This harness is comfortable, adjustable and durable. It comes with reflective bands and a back handle. It’s a must-have when enjoying outdoor activities with your best friend. Be active together! It's good for you and it's good for your dog.

            Online dog training class Tricks with Stitch

              What could be better than physical and mental stimulation for your companion? Learn online how to get him to do the many fun tricks while on vacation.

              Happy Holidays to all of your pets!